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By Anonymous - Posted on 04 June 2011


The Royal Belgian Judo Federation is an overarching national federation by which the Flemish Judo Federation and the Francophonic Judo Federation have an official affiliation with the foreign federations.

The affiliated with the European Judo Union (E.J.U.) and the International Judo Federation (I.J.F.)

1949 establishment of the Belgian Federal Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Association (A.F.B.J.J.J.)
1959 Belgian Amateur Judo Associatie (BEL.A.J.A.)
1979 the titel becomes "Belgische Judo Bond" (B.J.B.)with the 2 regional federations :
-Vlaamse Judo Federatie (V.J.F.) and
-Ligue Francophone de Judo (L.F.J.)
2001 Belgian Judo Federation becomes Royal Belgian Judo Federation (K.B.J.B.)